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Corporate Language

Anne Fries integrates corporate language. What does that mean?

Professionelles Lektorat und Überstezungsbüro beachtet Ihre Corporate Language

Corporate language – what is that?

“Corporate language” is our word for linguistic and stylistic consistency in corporate texts across all jobs for the same client. Alongside corporate design, corporate language contributes to a company’s unique corporate identity. This, of course, includes key information about what the client’s products and services are called and how they are written. In addition to terminology and phrasing, typographic peculiarities are often part of the corporate language: for example, whether there are full stops at the end of headlines, how the numbers in phone numbers are grouped together, the way in which numbers and abbreviations are written, and so on.

We have two eyes on your corporate language

Collected works of Anne Fries

It is good practice, and part of our workflow, to create a glossary for all of your companies and clients whose texts you send us. When you commission us with regular editing, proofreading or translation work, we create a separate list for every one of your clients. These lists form a record of all orthographic and typographic peculiarities that need to be taken into account.

This collection grows and grows over the years, and turns into a kind of external memory. With every new job, we use the database for orientation, weed out words that are no longer used and add new ones.

Collected works of our clients

Some of our clients provide us with a list of terminology. This can be short and sweet, a few pages long, or even consist of a whole booklet. Sometimes it is called a style guide, sometimes wording, sometimes a glossary.

With very extensive style guides, we recommend that the client filters out relevant content in a targeted way. We are happy to help you with this. Because it wouldn’t be time well spent if we had to read through a 17-page style guide before working on a three-line job ad.

For clients with particularly complex terminology, we usually form teams of experts, who gradually internalise the client’s requirements.

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