Anne Fries works for business clients with very high standards. We therefore leave nothing to chance, and organise our work so that what remains is a highly polished text. Outstanding language and editing skills are required, but so are many systematically interlocking working steps.


Premium editing and proofreading to meet professional requirements

Proofreaders and editors are ten a penny, but good and conscientious ones are extremely rare. That’s why we train our staff ourselves. With university degrees and rigorous in-house training under their belts, our team is equipped to deliver highly professional and precise editing and proofreading work.

Needless to say, we correct spelling and punctuation mistakes and make sure the texts are grammatically correct. But we also check the typography (the length of dashes, the curve of quotation marks and other teeny-tiny details), which gives the printed text its professional look. We make sure that spelling is consistent, check the table of contents and document your corporate language for subsequent jobs. All this according to a precise workflow and our “four eyes” principle, and using helpful IT tools. You need more or less than this? Just give us a call!

Don’t like the style?

Many proofreaders get so engrossed in tweaking the style and tone of a text that they overlook sneaky little typos. We avoid these kinds of costly blunders by conscientiously following our TÜV-approved workflow, which we’ve perfected over the course of 25 years!

Do you want your text to be whipped into shape stylistically? Whatever you ask for in your briefing, we will do!

Pack reading – only at Anne Fries

You have a lengthy annual report, but your deadline is super-tight? No problem. Our large in-house team makes this possible. Several proofreaders work simultaneously on your text, coordinate with each other and use the same corporate language that we have saved for you in in our database. As a result, the final text is nicely consistent.

Icons für InDesign, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML

Your file format – our corrections

  • We receive most texts as PDFs. Below you will find a proofreading sample.
  • Word texts are usually proofread directly in the document with Track Changes.
  • If you like, we can proofread InDesign, InCopy, PowerPoint and Excel directly in the document.
  • We can also work directly on websites in TYPO3, WordPress, Contao, etc. Or we quickly create screenshots (PDF) and proofread these.
  • On request, we can proofread HTML e-mails directly – or in another format such as Word or PDF.
  • Do you have your own editing system? We can quickly learn how to use this.

corrections with typed comments in the PDF

Comprehensible and easy to read: clear and coherent corrections directly in the PDF is our usual standard.

> Go to proofreading sample

Upload your text, get a quote, get ready to go!

We really exist

We oversee your editing, proofreading and translation projects personally and can be reached Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. – sometimes even later. You can get in touch with us by e-mail or phone.

In a hurry?

For us, being fast is par for the course. Usually we begin correcting your text immediately. Ad-hoc jobs are part of our daily routine. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Quality? We’ve got it under control!

Our QM system purrs efficiently in the background. How do you benefit from it? We work on your texts fast, flexibly and precisely. We measure quality and timing with every job, until there is barely any more room for improvement.

Free language advice

Confused by the reform of the reform of the reform of German orthography? Advice over the phone about spelling, punctuation and grammar is included free of charge for our clients. We are happy to help.


In terms of punctuality we are close to perfect. We are able to make this rather bold claim because we record and evaluate our punctuality on a job-by-job basis. And it isn’t unusual for us to deliver a job earlier than the agreed deadline. Is that a problem?


At Anne Fries, confidentiality is a point of honour. We observe absolute secrecy regarding your projects. On request, we can transfer your files encrypted.

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