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What to do when time is short

Anne Fries Lektorat und Übersetzungen bietet Eilservice für Lektorat

How fast is Anne Fries really?

As fast as you need us to be: that’s our claim. We can schedule almost 100 per cent of jobs to suit your timing. And not only is our planning fast and efficient, so is our delivery. After all, it would be pretty dumb if we promised a quick turnaround that we then couldn’t meet.

99.8 %

Efficient planning

In 2019, we were able to schedule 99.8 % of all jobs to suit our clients’ desired timing.

99.7 %

Punctual delivery

In 2019 we were able to deliver 99.7 % of all jobs punctually to the agreed time – or earlier.

Pack reading – only at Anne Fries

“Pack reading” is our unique solution when a job needs to be done fast but the outcome still has to be flawless. Our in-house team of 33 editors and proofreaders makes it possible. Several of them work at the same time on your text, coordinate with each other and use the same corporate language, which we have stored in our database. Your texts are returned to you in no time flat, proofread by many eyes but from a single source. Foreign-language editing, proofreading and translation can also be done in turbo gear, if required, thanks to our large pool of native speakers from all over the world. Quality control is handled by our in-house foreign-language team, ensuring consistency and completeness.

Calm and collected

Of course, working on a text usually benefits from some peace and quiet. Several correction cycles are the surest option, and coming up with a good headline in Mandarin takes time. As does a 100-page, stylistically sophisticated fashion guide. To be honest, not everything can be done at the drop of a hat. But if there is some leeway in your text, we can also cut out individual working steps to save time. Better a fast-wash programme at Anne Fries than no wash at all! We’ll show you where there’s room for manoeuvre in our saver service.

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