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How good is Anne Fries really?

Quality: we’ve got it under control

With 25 years’ experience, we know what we’re talking about: proofreaders, editors and translators are ten a penny, but finding good ones is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Ten, penny, needle, haystack – make it easy for yourself and let the numbers speak for themselves:

99.8 %

We keep our word

In the case of 99.8 % of all jobs, our customers had absolutely nothing to complain about (2019).

99.8 %

We are efficient planners

In 2019, we were able to schedule 99.8 % of all jobs to suit our clients’ desired timing.

99.7 %

We are à point

In 2019 we were able to deliver 99.7 % of all jobs punctually to the agreed time – or earlier.

Our work is carried out by our in-house team of specially trained language experts. We follow our internal workflow and use the “four eyes” principle. In fact, once a year, more eyes are added: TÜV (Germany’s biggest quality assurance group) checks our QM system and sees if there is any room for improvement: down to the teeny-tiniest detail.

Screw loose? Mad as a hatter? Why does proofreading need an external quality check?

Many people strive for exceptional quality, but very often it remains elusive. To simplify matters, we have chosen a fixed route that leads us straight to our goal, without any detours. This enables us to achieve the highest quality in our editing, proofreading and translations, and at the same time to be flexible and fast, so that we fit seamlessly into your planning.

The first marketing and advertising editors and proofreaders with the TÜV seal of approval

In 2004, we opened our doors for the first time to the quality assurance auditors from TÜV and let them put us to the test for two days. The verdict: impeccable quality control, strong customer orientation. At the time, Anne Fries was the first company specialising in the editing of marketing and advertising texts to be TÜV certified. Since then we have submitted ourselves to this tough jury once a year – with continued success.

Human quality factor

Our systematic workflow ensures that nothing is forgotten, while also eliminating any superfluous or expendable steps. But our most important quality-assurance factor is our staff. After completing their studies in languages or linguistics, new team members complete a traineeship in which they hone their skills as advertising editors and proofreaders “on the job”. This trains the eye and closes any gaps in knowledge. Strict standards also apply to the selection of freelance translators. Only native speakers with translation training and specific areas of expertise are included in our pool of translators. Our database contains the cumulative experience of 25 years of project management.

You have the last word

We are proud of the fact that we have been delivering TÜV-certified top quality for many years now. But nothing beats a client getting in touch:

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